Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Liquid Force SST Wakeskate

Liquid Force SST Wakeskate
"After more than two years of shaping, development and serious trial and error (plus a whole lot of hype and rumors) the Liquid Force SST wakeskate is finally here. The SST is Liquid Force's first dual-deck wakeskate and features a flat, wood deck on bottom and a concave, compression-molded deck on top. The SST was originally thought up by Silas Thurman, who had this to say about final."

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Wrapping Up N.A.R.L.A.

Wrapping up NARLA
"I recently went down to Miami to help Thomas with some last Minute shooting for NARLA, the new team video from DVS. I'm sure you all already know about NARLA and have been hungrily anticipating its arrival. Well... Its coming, very soon, I'm sure Thomas is editing right now...or he's at the beach...or riding one of his awesome bikes... or maybe he's just cruising down Lincoln dive."

Friday, May 25, 2007

Win a Prize Package from The Standerd

"Hey guys, just wanted to let you know of a photo contest we have coming up next week on

The Standerd has sponsored this contest and we will be giving away subscriptions to the magazine, a print from and even a possible publication of the winning photo!

Check out for more info and start taking pictures to submit after June 1st!

This contest is open to all registered members of popShuv."

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Winchin Video by Oury

Who needs thousands of dollars in editting software and hours of pointless effects when you shred like this?

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Integrity Working on Big Project

According to Integrity's MySpace:

"PROJECT (Dædalus)


Integrity is silently at work on it's next big project.

More info... Coming Soon..."

Integrity MySpace Blog Post
Integrity MySpace
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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Myles Vickers Pro Model?

Thomas Horrel posted this image on his MySpace recently with the caption: "Myles Vickers .... that's right... Myles Vickers." Could this be part of the next line of Cassette decks that we have all been waiting for?

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Danny Hampson Injured

"Danny just informed me that he broke [his] ankle [two] days ago while he was filming with A Reed for a Seadoo commercial. he was not doing anything to crazy just a fancy inside out maneuver when his leg went one way and his ankle went the other. Being the professional beefcake that he is he made his way on to the ski with some help of Reed and joked about the injury. he thinks he may have been in shock [the] whole time. i hate when D gets hurt and Thomas does not like it either. i hear Thomas might come hang out with D while he is hurt just to be there. what a guy Tod is. good thing D wrapped up his part for the next couple years."

Source: DVS Wake

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Kyle Walton at the Dog Park

"Kyle Walton plays in a dog park with his wakeskate."

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Air Nautique Wake Games Results

Day 4 Results (04-29-2007)

Pro Wakeskate Finals

1. Brian Grubb (USA) - 81.67
2. Reed Hansen (USA) - 60.00
3. Brandon Thomas (USA) - 51.67
4. Nick Taylor (USA) - 43.33

Day 3 Results (04-28-2007)

Professional WakeSkate - Semi Finals
Top 1 Riders advance to next round.

Heat 01
1 Brian Grubb USA 78.33

2 Stuart Shinn USA 77.33
3 Mark Enns USA 45.00

Heat 02
1 Nick Taylor USA 73.33

2 Danny Hampson USA 61.67
3 James Balzer CDN 48.33

Heat 03
1 Reed Hansen USA 80.00

2 Aaron Reed USA 69.00
3 Austin Hair USA 65.00

Heat 04
1 Brandon Thomas USA 68.33

2 Grant Roberts USA 51.67
3 Tim Kovacich USA 40.00

Amateur Wake Skate - Finals Heat 01
1 Cody Rivet USA 55.00

2 Andrew Masi USA 41.67
3 Johnny Kerce USA 30.00

Pro Women Wakeskate - Finals Heat 01
1 Stephanie Wamsley USA 65.00

2 Bethany Henderson-Fletcher USA 50.00
3 Renae Jaquess USA 36.67

Air Nautique

Esoteric Premiere May 4th at OWC