Friday, June 29, 2007

Jeff Engen's Wakeskate Porta-Pool

"When Jeff Engen first sent me his “detailed plans” for a portable winch pool (see attached), my first reactions were: (a) Jeff can’t draw blueprints to save his life and (b) his ideas are lame. However, when I saw the pool in action, I realized that only one of those reactions was correct. Not since the winch have I been so stoked on an invention.

Basically, he has a 20-foot trailer that extends into a 40-foot portable winch pool. The trailer has got plates, reflectors and turn signals, so you can transport it anywhere – legally. He built the pool on a series of wheels and pullies so that it only takes three people to set up the entire pool. The pool has a regular trailer hitch, and is easy to transport when compacted. With a pump and two hoses, it can be filled and ready to ride within teo hours. Best of all, the thing barely leaks!

I've been to a bunch of winch comps that have taken days to set up. With Jeff's porta-pool you could drive across country doing demos with very little set-up time. The dope thing is that all your tools and stuff fit perfectly into the trailer along with your wood for building rails. Plans are also in the works for a portable landing pool so that Jeff can just back the trailer up to session city handrail spots.

This summer, expect to see Jeff riding spots that may have otherwise been impossible to hit. Jeff tells me that he already has three or four spots scoped out in California, some near/around the Grand Canyon, and some street handrails in downtown Lake Havasu City.

Jeff’s ingenuity has allowed him to find new ways to redefine his wakeskating. He’s got the skills that can help make his crazy ideas become a reality. If he just works a little harder on his drawing skills, then he’ll be set."

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Come Correct With Ryan Lemons

Learn a frontside big-spins with the Lemon so you can impress all the cougars on the boat. SHRED! ! !

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Integrity 2007 NEWS

"Hi everyone...
Well... Bad & GOOD news...

The Bad:
Our manufacturer is having problems again this year, as he is always tardy with delivery times among other things. So we are in transition with a new manufacturer, and new manufacturing process. This has forced us to go on hiatus for 2007 and not ship this year. I was lead to believe that product was being built/was built, and ready to ship soon... I was basically feed a line of BS for the past few months as they just kept stringing us along which seems to be "Par for the Course" in the action sports industry. I hate being lied to and made into something our company doesn't stand for!!! and feel completely embarrassed we could not get product out this year... I sincerely apologize to everyone who reserved decks. I have everyone who reserved on a list and they will be given a discount and or extra something... if you decide to purchase from us next year. I'm not ready to commit to what or how much at this point, but we will make it worth the while.

The GOOD News:
If you own a 2006 Nick Taylor Model it is worth keeping a hold of ! Since it was a very limited run. A collector item that has a great used re-sale value if you decide to sell it. I get daily e-mails of people ready to snatch one up... and it makes a handy cutting board for BBQ parties.
We are gearing up to do some really innovative things for our next release. (The D├Ždalus Project) new shapes... New materials... new pro models... specifically "Taylor-ed" pun intended to Nick's wants & needs ... and Ryan Lemons' demands. Both family members will be instrumental in our R&D phase to fine tuning. We are actually very happy this turn of events has transpired, because it will enable us to build better product, and supply it in a timely manner.

Once again Sorry...
and thanks for your continued support.

Much Respect,

Integrity Website Thread

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Time Served

Starring Andrew Fortenberry. Thread

Thursday, June 14, 2007

2007 Verge Synergy Bi-level

"After a long time of testing and design work, our new 07 bi-level is almost ready to go. Theres a lot of upgrades from last years model and an overall better ride.
Heres the new stuff and specs:

- New shape, slightly shorter mid width ( for better rotation flip tricks) and wider kicktails for more leverage off the water and better release on tricks. Also good for bigger shoes aka feet.

14.75" mid width
12" tip widths
40.5" length

- New ultra tough Dura-surf base for more durabilty on sliders and everday wear and tear. Also, bottom is totally smooth, no protruding hardware, or even countersunk hardware.
- Slightly lighter weight than last year at around 12 lbs
- Stainless oversized hardware
- .85" fins optional for more control on the water
- New graphics

Overall, this board is deffinitely our best yet.
Let me know which color graphics you guys like best. Right now im liking the light-blue background one, but im not sure yet. they should be up and ready for sale in about two weeks. Thaks for takin a look. "

Verge Wakeskates Thread

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Toe Jam in Texas Coverage

"And on June 9th, a new Toe Jam champion was crowned. Call it a home court advantage, but there was no one else who even came close to Bret Little’s consistency and variety on the cable. He had flip tricks in the flat. He had shuvs on, and off of just about everything. He had style and grace on the giant wakeboard rails. And in the end, it was enough to defeat Brian Grubb in the head to head final."

Source: Alliance Wake

Other articles covering the event:

Texas Toe Jam Boat Finals (Featuring Interviews)
Boat Finals Results From The Byerly Toe Jam
Bret Little Earns Cable Title At Stop Two Of The Byerly Toe Jam

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Day One Results From The Rockstar Cable Jam

"30 of the best wakeskaters in the world threw down big-time today for the Rockstar Cable Jam, the second stop on the Byerly Toe Jam Wakeskate Tour, at the TSR cable park in New Braunfels, Texas.

Not much was expected out of the riding, due to high winds in the area, however it had little impact on the riders, with impressive runs in every heat. Some standouts were Nick Taylor’s backside 360 off the kicker, George Daniels’ boardslide kickflip off the incline rail, Drew Danielo’s huge shove indy over the Liquid Force transfer box, Brian Grubb’s deadly consistent riding, Bret Little’s high ollie to shove off the transfer box and Reed Hansen’s kickflip and varial flip.

Event producer Scott Byerly was amazed at the level of today’s riding and is looking forward to the upcoming two days of competition. “Everybody’s throwin’ down even though it’s windy. Hopefully it will calm down, but either way, these kids are ripping.” Byerly would like to thank the sponsors for their incredible support and excitement for the Toe Jam tour during its first nationwide tour. The Rockstar Cable Jam is made possible with the help of Rockstar Energy Drink, Nike 6.0, Billabong, Liquid Force, and the TSR.

Friday’s action starts at 11 a.m. with the top 16 riders competing in a bonus wake competition behind the MasterCraft X-Star at TSR’s private competition lake. Saturday will be the cable final. For more info, go to"

(Top two in each heat advance – 16 total)

Wakeskate (all levels)

Qualifying Round Heat #: 01

1 Doyle, Ryan CAN 73.33
2 Hair, Austin USA 56.67

3 Byerly, Scott USA 40.00
4 Watson, Reed USA 33.33

Qualifying Round Heat #: 02
1 Grubb, Brian USA 63.33
2 Hanson, David USA 60.00

3 Reed, Aaron USA 45.00
4 McGuckin, Drew USA 20.00

Qualifying Round Heat #: 03
1 Taylor, Nick USA 70.00
2 Balzer, James CAN 60.00

3 Gee, Collin USA 50.00
4 Hooker, Matt USA 40.00

Qualifying Round Heat #: 04
1 Danielo, Drew USA 70.00
2 Kaiser, Ben USA 66.67

3 Paulson, Gabe USA 43.33
4 Yarbrough, Ouri USA 26.67

Qualifying Round Heat #: 05
1 Daniels, George USA 76.67
2 Cambell, Steven USA 66.67

3 Gregory, Chase USA 56.67
4 Manzari, Matt USA 46.67

Qualifying Round Heat #: 06
1 Shinn, Stuart USA 80.00
2 Gardner, Ross USA 61.67

3 Tompkins, Clint USA 58.33
4 Collinge, Chris USA 40.00

Wakeskate (all levels)
Qualifying Round Heat #: 07

1 Pastura, Andy USA 73.33
2 Thomas, Brandon USA 70.00

3 Ruark, John USA 58.33

Wakeskate (all levels)
Qualifying Round Heat #: 08
1 Little, Bret USA 73.33
2 Hansen, Reed USA 71.67

3 Hyams, Kyle USA 56.67


Source: Thread

Matt Manzari's Double Flip Sequence

Wakeboarding Magazine Thread

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

TSR Set To Host Byerly Toe Jam Stop #2

Toe Jam
"After an insane throw-down in the rail park at The Projects in Orlando for stop number one, the Byerly Toe Jam Wakeskate Tour is venturing to New Braunfels, Texas for its second stop on June 7-9.

The top three finalists of this cable-heavy contest will be invited to the final Byerly Toe Jam in Orlando in September. In addition to the cable action will be a bonus wake event to be pulled by the MasterCraft X-Star on TSR’s private contest lake.

Supporting this leg of the tour is presenting sponsor Rockstar Energy Drink, plus Billabong, Nike 6.0, Liquid Force, MasterCraft and the Texas Ski Ranch.

Riders are encouraged to register online now at This will guarantee a spot before the final registration at TSR on June 6.

For more info, including more about TSR, go to"

Source: Wakeworld

Rock the Wake 2007

Rock the Wake
"Mastercraft’s Rock the Wake Festival is proud to present:

3 days of Big Air – Board Sports – Bands – Bikes & Bikini Contests

The action packed weekend features:

Pro Wakeboarding Expression session
Pro Wakeboarding Rail session
Team Suzuki & Coors Light Freestyle Moto-X show
Pro Wakeskate Expression session
Pro Wakeskate 175ft winch pool
Concert Series featuring 15 bands
Bikini Contest featuring 25 contestants
Jason Thorne’s Freestyle Moto – X show
Ontario Provincial Wakeboard Championships
Industry Retail Marketplace with tons of deals
BMX & Inline skate shows
Inflatable village for the kids
Beach Volleyball Challenge
Packed after parties each night

Rock the Wake is proud to be in partnership with:

Mastercraft Boats, Coors Light, Maple Lodge Farms, Buckeye Marine, Dragon Optical,Liquid Force Wakeboard, Rogers Wireless, Levi’s Strauss, Sirius Satellite Radio, Sony Playstation 3, CWB, Satellyte Wakeskates, Levelthirtn Wakeskates, Roxy, Quiksilver, Glenn Sharpley Source, Fox Racing, Wilderness Tours, Ezekiel, BOATsmart! Canada/Discover Boating, Josie’s Famous Foods, Shivermedia &"

Rock the Wake Website

Nick Taylor on Fuel TV's Daily Habit

"Tuesday :: 06/05 NICK TAYLOR

Today, we're changing it up and taking a look inside the world of wakeskating with O'Neill team rider and rising star, Nick Taylor. Plus, we go for a ride with Bucky Lasek and...George Lucas?? After moving to the wakeskating Mecca of Orlando, Florida, Nick tells us how he quickly became the 2006 Alliance Wake Magazine's Rookie of the Year. And, get ready for a performance you won't forget from one of the hottest musical acts out there, EL-P will be in the studio. Nick's sponsors include: O'Neill, Nike 6.0, Integrity Wakeskates, and DSO Eyewear."

If anyone recorded this, feel free to send us the video.

Fuel TV's Daily Habit Website