Sunday, July 29, 2007

Kampus Architect $59.99

"The Architect Wakeskate is an excellent all around board. From rails to boxes, to "wake to wake" tricks behind the boat, the Architect delivers and handles all terrain. And with an extended flat spot and a progressive rocker, it gives the rider the ultimate board control.

These decks feature Cold Press Construction, which uses the highest grade Marine Grade Waterproof Glues to ensure the life and bond of the deck as well as increasing durability. The Scribble series decks are 9 Ply Horizontal laminated decks that are constructed from Maple and Bass woods with long grain and Cross grain lay-ups.These decks feature painted top and base with sub laminated base graphics that are Poly UV sealed to keep water out."

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Devotid Video Teaser

"a little teaser for our first upcoming video from devotid wakeskates.

this is my first time using a video editing software and i can say it wont be my last. i loved it.

this is from when oury and i hung out for a couple weeks ridding Michgan and Texas. not a ton of footy in this but let me know what you think.

ive got a bunch of great stuff still on three tapes im going through so look out for the whole length vid coming soon.

thanks for checking it out."

Devotid Wakeskates Thread

RLAND Trailer

"The purpose of this film is to showcase a sport in an area that has been a long time in the making. Over Sixty years ago Dick Pope Sr. moved to Central Florida and began Cypress Gardens on Lake Eloise. He landscaped beautiful gardens on the lake that would make a perfect backdrop for his water-ski show. Soon the pictures from Cypress Gardens appeared in newspapers, magazines, motion pictures, and television around the world. When the world saw these skiers with huge smiles on their face, waving, with beautiful gardens in the background, everything we have today began. Central Florida became the ski capital of the world and people relocated to be a part of the fun. Dick held ski tournaments that brought the best international riders into town and once here, many of them decided to stay and those who didn't, went home to tell of this Florida Mecca.

Sixty years and countless influences later, this area has become the wake capital of the world and home to the movement of wakeskating. This film offers a look into the most influential lakes and riders here in the sunshine state. Another generation, another piece of equipment, another way to have fun on the water, and another reason why this is RLAND."

RLAND Website

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


"Man hugs, short shorts, bronze bods and Andy Lazarus…Only at the N.A.R.L.A. video premier could you find all 4 of these items. Wait, I guess the first three could be found in other places that I would prefer not to visit, but Andy Lazarus usually doesn’t show up. Whatever the case, the N.A.R.L.A. premier was smashing. First off, you had to REALLY WANT TO SEE IT, so much that a trip to Miami wasn’t out of the question. Apart from the stars of the film, other celebrity appearances included: Chase Heavener, Matt Staker, Matt Manzarri, Josh Letchworth, Bo Burton, Bob Sichel, and Kyle Hyams. Keep in mind that this video has been 4 years in the making, so you can bet your ass it’s filled with some seriously skilled maneuvers performed by some of the most recognized athletes the sport of wakeskating has ever known.

In an effort to promote the event, DVS team Manager Jim Leatherman was spotted wearing some rather revealing shorts (displaying the NARLA logo of course!) at the Standard Resort in Miami’s South Beach. was able to get a quick snapshot of the new knickers just before being escorted by security. Other A-list celeb’s vacationing at the Standard that weekend included Myles Vickers, Danny Hampson, and Thomas Horrell!

An inside source tells that during the premiere on Saturday night (7/21/07) Aaron Reed was spotted whispering sweet nothings into fellow team rider Danny Hampson’s ear. In a post premiere press conference Reed’s publicist informed that “Aaron was simply congratulating Hampson on his outstanding video section…Reed was actually attending the event with none other than his longtime sweetheart Jami-Lane.”

In all, the event was stacked full of celebs and the world premiere of NARLA was awesome. As expected, the morning after the premiere everyone got kicked out of the Standard hotel by the owner himself, and we all went our separate ways. Pick up NARLA ASAP and TAKE BACK THE RIVER..."

Source: Alliance Wake

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Human Trailers Preview

"Alright wake bros, I'm just going to cut to the chase. Ivan from Red Bull New Zealand sent along a short preview to the upcoming wakeskate flick Human Trailers. The linked clip is really the opening credits to the video and all I can say is feel the vibes!!!"


Oakley Announces Wake Film “Push Process”

Build A Wakeskate From Scratch

"Lewis Nelson documented every step of his homemade wakeskate project. Read on to learn how it's done!!"

Mutiny Perseverance

Integrity's MySpace

Monday, July 16, 2007

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Brandon's Backyard Boogie

"The backyard boogie is going to be a all wakeskate contest held in Lake havasu City arizona, It will be 2 days long Day 1 will consist of all Boat riding.... We will be running 2 boats to try and move people through quickly.... Everyone is Gaurentted to ride two times on Saturday. We will then break it down into Head 2 head format..... Day 2 will be a winch contest on Jeff Engens Portable Pool system. We will have 2 hubba ledges coming off both ends..... Best trick with money going to top 5 people.... This contest will be judged by riders. ORIGINALITY IS STRESSED !!!! after all you are on the west coast..... Were working on getting some good sponsors and hopefully some descent money, ALL ENTRY FEES WILL GO 100% INTO THE PRIZE whatever we get from sposors. If you would like to register or are interested in sponsoring this even please contact brandon at More info will be added in the coming weeks... Thanks again for all your support, and we will be running a list on here so you can see who is coming."

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sequence of Thomas Horrell's First Kickflip from Boardumb

"Alexx, i think it was you who wanted to see it. And maybe top hat (forget the formalities, I'm dropping the Mr.!) came through with his tivoed edition. Whateves, bros...

Anyway, yeah, proper credit needs to be given to the old wakeboarding video titled "boardumb." If you aren't too cool to watch randy harris and scott byerly shred on the old wake techs, this video is a lot of fun to take was one of my personal favorites of the time. It made riding look fun, straight up. It, of course, has a legendary section from thomas that has a little bit of wakeboarding and a little bit more wakeskating. It's comprised mainly of wake to wake stuff--360 degree spin variations all hit up wake to wake. But there's some entertaining bomb drop attempts off of a boat house roof, a 3 shuv, and of course, the kickflip. Ahh, and in case you can't tell, it was all done on a cut down wakeboard (see sequence below).

If you're all about collecting everything or just checking it out, bad ass also put out a video called "fire it up" which also has thomas' kickflip in it (I reckon it's the same one from a different angle). I actually just watched the "wake skate" section and I'd highly recommend it to anyone that has a sincere interest in this stuff. You can kind of witness a style shift, as thomas and drew are hitting their stuff up with shoes and grip (oh, and drew was boosting hard!), and then byerly is still on his blunt that's kitted out with every bad ass accessory imaginable, including some sort of hook attachment. Randall and bruce clem rock out (barefooted) on the original "waterskate" with FWT traction pads as well. (FWT=hawt!) As a whole, there's a short section of wakeskating in that's mostly wakeboarding, but well worth it anyway (to me, at least).

This footage was captured using only the best editing tools known in the media industry. I hope you enjoy the quality. " Thread