Friday, December 7, 2007

Dallas Winch Trip

"This is the first of a four part series documenting the Dallas winch trip. Stay tuned for part two next week. Oh, and i never... NEVER... claimed anything. Listen up!"

"This is the second of a four part series documenting the Dallas winch trip. Stay tuned for part three next week."

"This is the third of a four part series documenting the Dallas winch trip. Stay tuned for part four next week."

"This is the fourth of a four part series documenting the Dallas winch trip."

Homeless Trailer

"The Homeless Crew spent two years traveling around the country via train, bus, and thumb to compile the sickest winching footage to date. Whoever said wakeskating was for rich kids never traveled with Kyle Walton and crew, who don't need a budget to shred."

Monday, December 3, 2007


Looks like Fluid is pulling out all the stops, currently their entire product line is on sale. According to T-SCO of Fluid, "we cut down prices to the raw price we pay for the product from our manufacturer, that means you are paying what we pay." Sounds like the deal couldn't get any better, and perfect timing for Christmas.

Fluid Wakeskating Apparel
Fluid Wakeskating Apparel Store

Sunday, December 2, 2007

INTEG (inside the core)

"Hi all...

Just thought I'd share a few shots to show the new "Centra-Fuse" core system. (These photos are just of the first steps in our manufacturing process) ...

A lot of time and thought has gone into to our weight system. The intention was to create a balanced board with the majority of the mass being centered within 3 axis. Thus creating a very responsive deck that would initiate easily and predictably flip on the Z-Axis and rotate evenly and smooth on the X-Y Axis. Keeping the weight in a narrow center line lets the wide-waist portion of the deck flip evenly not flop to the side. A traditional wakeskate has more mass on the outside, because more material is generally located there from the concave in the deck. The Flick of the foot and the extra weight on the outside makes a lopsided motion... drifting from the riders center-line, making an uneven unpredictable acceleration/rotation from the point of energy applied.

With the Centra-Fuse system the majority of the weight is in the narrow, but thick portion running thru the middle... As the ends flare out towards the tip and tail the weight lessens, but is spread out over a wider area helping with X-Y axis rotation. This tapered weight system also is key to our loaded rocker. The tapered design is pre-bent in the opposite direction of the rocker adding re-curve effect, increasing load response and ultimately snap. This system is encased in a Urethane bushing so the core can keep it's snap longer... the flex is absorbed by the bushing so the core doesn't fatigue from constantly being jarred and popped. When subjected to constant flex/heat/expansion/contraction all decks can lose their snap. The bushing help prevent core fatigue and sheering.

The stair steps you see on the core are lock tabs for the Urethane side wall... it snaps in like a puzzle piece and prevents the side wall from separating or tearing out when a extremely hard impact happens.

I'll keep posting more info on my My-Space as we start pressing this week. " - Erich Schmaltz

Integrity's MySpace

Sunday, November 25, 2007

10% Off Buywake on Cyber Monday

Coupon Code: Cyber10
Ends Monday November 26 at Midnight E.S.T.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Nike 6.0 in the Keys

"The Keys trip was the first real trip that Nike 6.0 wakeboarding and wakeskating team had ever done and the first team trip for many of the riders. This made things very interesting and exciting. Most of us started the trip off in Orlando in a big passenger van. All the guys were really stoked, once again most of them had never even been on a team trip let alone a 6.0 team trip. The team, Curtis Graham and I, were put up in an amazing house on the gulf side of the keys. This made a perfect home base for the next weeks events. Things started early every morning and ended late. The days were packed with some of the best riding I've ever seen, a lot of Tom foolery, and an all around good team experience. Nothing fell short on this trip except the weather for a couple of days. This video is a good representation of how it all went down."

- Silas Thurman

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Team Greenwood wins first SFWA Pros and Joes

"If you were not able to make it to the SFWA Pros and Joes event this past Saturday at Okeehelee Park in West Palm Beach, Florida, you missed out. The event could only be described as a huge success. The crowd at any time throughout the day was between 300-350 and I imagine by the time you factor in the number of people who came and went we probably came close to 1,000 visitors. The weather truly was perfect and the water was close to glass all day long. Our sponsors displayed the newest and best of their upcoming product lines and families with children could enjoy the carnival games, bounce house and dunk tank. Everything was perfect!!!

The event begin with a huge bang as Nick Taylor took the first run of the day and landed a Toeside Backside 3 on a wakeskate. Nick set the mood both with his run and with his attitude (look for him in the upcoming Volume Wakeskate Video #6-early reports are he does some never before seen things in this video) this kid is amazing. From there the riding was just incredible all day. The line between pro and amatuer was close. At the end of the day the finals came down to Team Greenwood featuring Ben Greenwood, Nathan Brown, Jeffrey Skulnik and Travis Cook vs Team Henshaw featuring Kevin Henshaw, Nathan Schneider, Justin Beale and Steel Lafferty. When the riding was finished Team Greenwood took the crown with a final score of 129 to 126. Each joe on the winning team was presented with a brand new 2008 Liquid Force wakeboard and a set of 2008 Liquid Force bindings.

In addition to the team event, prizes were handed out for best trick and “best” crash. Best Trick was awarded to joe Travis Cook for a huge S Bend that had the judges super-stoked. This was one of many tricks that Travis threw that could have been picked but the S Bend was amazing and won Travis $150. “Best” Crash went to Steel Lafferty for his attempt at a backside 720, unfortunately for Steele it was a backside 690 to face plant. I hurt thinking about this fall (as I type this I cringed). Steel was ok and for his trouble picked up a cool $150.

At the end of the day the event was amazing. The pro riders were incredible-I can’t say thank you enough to these riders. Each of them came out and was super cool. Without them the event wouldn’t have been what it was. To see them stoked about the event and to stay until the very end when they had another event in Homestead that evening really meant a lot. A special thank you to Nick Taylor, Ben Greenwood, Kevin Henshaw, Colin Harrington, Zane Schwank (his slurpee trick in person is so sick), Tara Hamilton, George Daniels, Jimmy LaRiche, Kyle Hymes and Aaron Reed.

Check out the photos from the event and keep an eye out for the video in the next coming days. Visit


Friday, November 16, 2007

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gator Boards '08

Gator Boards new site and skates for 2008 are now live.

San Diego Cable Park Unanimously Approved

"It looks like San Diego could be the next in line for a cable park. Yesterday the project was unanimously approved by a board of water district dudes. This project has been in the works for a long time but is now one set closer to the final stages of the project. The exact location of the cable park will be in my home town of Santee California. There' a group of lakes called Santee Lakes and the cable park will be located on Lake One. That's a great location and a pretty big lake, so it should make for a really fun cable park. The park is expected to open some time in 2009. Stay tuned for more info."

Source: Alliance Wake

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007

2008 Ronix Zariel Wakeskate

"2008 Ronix Zariel Wakeskate

Zariel Wakeskate
The heavy weight guardian of the water is coming in at over 13 lbs. Reed Hansen needed a stockier skate for the board control he was looking for on the water and leaving it. Ronix spent the last two seasons designing the first ever compression molded wood wakeskate – for the buoyancy of your favorite wood deck, and the durability of that wakeboard you have had in the garage since 97’. This bi-level shape creates a consistent, quicker swing weight than a traditional skate.

* Concave - starts in the center of the board and then tapers out the ends for a more controllable flip

* Rocker – hybrid style rocker that isn’t too explosive and inconsistent off the wake, instead more glide speed from this arc

* Compression molding – the most durable wood skate out there

* 2 Zariel .8” wakeskate specific fins

* Reed Hansen designed and endorsed "

Sunday, October 28, 2007

L13 '08 Temporary Site Up

"We have been busy developing our 2008 line up and finally ready for production. Sometime before Xmas we will be selling our products on various online shops. Keep checking back for this info. We will try to have this up and running soon.

The weather here in Toronto is starting to get cool. Snowboard season is coming but L13 is hard at work this year in FL with testing 09 design and shooting video with some of the L13 riders who live in FL during the winter season.

Also, all our decks come with 0.6fins and wither in EVA foam top or Grip.

Loads more stuff coming soon."

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Varial Heel Flip

Posted by Iamjesse on

"Been trying to load up a bigger video i had been working on but i just dont have the patience to have it load and it always turns out really shitty quality on you tube so i am just posting this for now.

Hope the quality isnt too shitt.

The first one defiantly spun alot better but i landed the second with a lil sketch...."

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

popShuv End-of-Summer Video Contest

"The Wakeskating Community website,, announces its End-of-Summer Video Contest. Riders will have a chance to win prizes by DVS Wake, Scene One Productions, Volume Wakeskate Videos and The Standerd. To enter, simply upload your videos to popShuv's video section. When enough entries have been received, a panel of celebrity judges, including riders and industry professionals, will be picking the top three. All winners will receive a prize package which includes the DVDs "NARLA", "Esoteric" and "Volume Issue 5." The three lucky winners will also be receiving issue 1.3 of The Standerd, stickers, and a Tshirt from popShuv.

For more information and to enter, visit the contest page at"

Saturday, October 20, 2007

O'Neill Team Shoot

"I recently got a chance to kick it with the O'Neill team as they shot for their new ad campaign. A little slayshing, a few high fives, thats a solid day."

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Standerd Announces Book 1.3 and a Fourth-Consecutive Photographer of the Year Trophy

"October 2, 2007, Orlando, Florida - Raising the bar once again, The Standerd Quarterly unveiled their
third issue of the year in artistic fashion on September 22, 2007. The City Arts Factory, located in
downtown Orlando, hosted nearly 350 art-thirsty attendees to view all 70 gallery prints from current and
past issues of The Standerd. Each of the oversized photos, including those featured in book 1.3, were
signed by the photographer, framed, and hung on the wall in an exclusive gallery showing.

“The response to this issue was insane! The people who attended the release party were stoked on the
venue and the whole aura of the party. Everybody had plenty of space to view the art, the food was
awesome, the wine and cheese was a hit, and we sold quite a few prints,” stated Joey Meddock, co-founder
of The Standerd. “It couldn’t have gone any smoother!”

Book 1.3 is 120-pages of the action, lifestyle and stories in wake. The current issue features hundreds of
photos, a 20-page profile on Greg Nelson, an “Inside the Intracoastal” story written by the riders
themselves, and Pipe Dreams, a unique look at the wake. Also, other short stories include writing from
photographer Bryan Soderlind, The Standerd co-founder Josh Letchworth, rider Nick Ennen, and historic
past world champion, Eric Perez.

Art Director James Krawczyk noted, “The whole vibe of this issue is different from our past issues. Our
subscribers are really going to like the artistic influences Book 1.3 incorporates.” Pro rider Mike Ennen
donated his drawing skills by creating an original piece of art that is inserted into each subscriber’s
polybag. Fellow contributing artists Nicholas Schrunk and Roman V. Rusinov each played a creative role
in the design and layout of the Peripheral Vision and Out Of Context sections. “The appreciation and
respect we have for all these contributing artists is huge,” Krawczyk mentioned.

On the Friday of Surf Expo weekend, The Standerd’s own Joey Meddock was awarded the 2007 Wake
Awards Photographer of the Year, presented by Wakeboarding Magazine. Fellow co-founder of The
Standerd, and past 3-time Photographer of the Year Josh Letchworth said, “I couldn’t be more stoked for
him to win this award. Passing the torch to one of our own photographers is a great honor and huge
momentum booster for The Standerd. I’m happy we placed one and two once again. It was the icing on the
cake to a great Surf Expo weekend!”

Also gaining momentum is This daily photo-blog site features a new photo from
the current issue and the behind-the-lens story. One image per day is released until the next issue arrives. It
provides a new home for reader feedback and a direct connection to the photographer or author.
Book 1.3 is available now from and at local water sports retailers. This third issue
was made possible through support from subscribers, Liquid Force, Malibu Boats, and CWB Board Co.

More Information:"

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Push Process Teaser

"Voila! The trailer for the incredible new wakeboarding and wakeskating film from Oakley is right in front of your eyes. Produced by Justin Stevens with graphic assistance from Chase Heavener, this one is going to change things up. Check it out. The official premier date for Oakley’s first ever wakeboard film is November 10th at Oakley’s headquarters in Irvine California."

Push Process Blog

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Integrity's New Team Rider?

Video of Blake Steele posted by Ryan Lemons on Integirty's MySpace:

Integrity's MySpace
Integrity's Website

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pre-Order Transgression to Receive Free Autographed Standerd 1.2

"Picture this: Tim Kovacich pop shoves a multi-colored catamaran in the cloud covered mountains of Bali. Kyle Rattray back boards a fallen tree lit by the moon in the front yard of Gator's haunted mansion. Ryan Doyle conquers the biggest, most kinked rail on a wakeskate ever seen, nightime. Steve Edwards pre-grabs a crow mobe at our top secret training lair in Ft.Myers. Gator behind the pulpit in a crowded southern baptist church. Keith Lidberg, airing off kink one to front boarding kink five with a 270 somewhere in between on a monstrous rail in a remote Thai location. Ricky G, neck brace, hospital bed, anxiously awaiting x-ray results after a swimming pool to green Chevy Caprice to river attempt goes bad. Practice bombs blasting behind house sized signs of red skull and cross bones on the shores of an army base while we ride amongst swarming patrol boats on the Singapore/Malaysia boarder. A flying Nunn. Drew Mcguckin, closely following the sunrise, frontside flips on a river in the Dominican Republic while a dead pig floats by. Boards spraying fiery waters in the Mexican desert. We unleash upon the world our newly acquired secret weapon, Matt Manzari. Idaho waters, black and green cliffs, I nervously step in to my board for the first time in over two years. Sunrise fades in to sunset and boarders blend together.

Transgression transcends beyond the mere confines of a wakeboard film. For those involved it was an adventure. For me it was a life changing experience. For you it will be an inspirational cinematic journey.

Pre-Book your copy of Transgression and get a FREE copy of the Standerd 1.2 autographed by Vandall, Ronn and a select few by Matt Manzari. The first 50 to pre-book will receive a copy of this limited autographed Standerd.

Book your copy here at or here at

Special thanks to the Standerd. If you would like to subscribe check out their website." Article
Transgression Website
Standerd Website

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Silas Thurman: Babysitter

"Silas Thurman is not only a professional wakeskater, but also the team manger for Nike 6.0. This means that when he’s not riding, he’s essentially babysitting, and since the 6.0 team is on the younger side, when I say babysitting, I mean it literally. But Silas has more patience than a normal man, and so he manages to not only put up with a bunch of 16 and 17 year olds, but enjoy them."

Thursday, August 23, 2007

N.A.R.L.A. @ Boardstop


"N.A.R.L.A., which is the first aquatic release featuring the DVS wake team is a N.A.R.L.A. production in conjunction with DVS shoes. The film's editor (both the trailer and the actual video) is long time DVS wake team member, Thomas Horrell. Executive producer credits belong to Thomas and DVS wake team manager, Jim Leatherman."

Women of Wake Clinic featuring Stef Tor in DFW

"Wake Outlaws and H20 clothing bring you two full day sessions with coaching from Liquid Force Maven rider, Stef Tor.

Bringing overall advanced riding practices for women in wakeskating and wakeboarding; Stef has become one of the premier female wakeskaters to date.

We are bringing Stef to the DFW area to conduct a weekend clinic for women interested in learning about wakeskating and wakeboarding; and those looking to improve their existing skills in the sport.

Each day, approximately 16 women/girls will get 30 minute sessions with Stef Tor with instruction in wakeskating and/or wakeboarding based on the riders preference. Our runs would begin at 9AM and go thru 6PM with an hour break during lunch time. There will be an opportunity for signings with Stef Tor and general hang out. Liquid Force has also provided some demo gear for the ladies to try out from their 2008 line.

Sessions are $30.00 for 30 minute session with Stef on September 8th & 9th.

There will be raffles with prizes such as:
-womens/girls life vests,
-wet suits,
-boot goo
-LF Maven 41" Wakeskate
-and a LF Jett wakeboard and Minx bindings
*you do not need to be present to win!!!

Saturday, H20 Clothing will be hosting a special meet and greet with Stef Tor including drinks and dinners for those wishing to stick around.

Special Thanks to our sponsors:
H20 Clothing
The Slalom Shop
Water Ski America
Boaters World
Dog House Media
Underground Products (UGP)
Aqueous Ladies Clothing
Wake Outlaws
Liquid Force
LF: Maven
Auto Sound and Security, Lewisville
Monster Energy Drink

Price: 30.00

Pre-registration is STRONGLY encouraged to secure a spot.

Registration questions please contact: or call; 651-216-9979

Pre-register Online"

Thursday, August 9, 2007

First Manila Winch Jam Ever

"we had a winch jam over the weekend. It was the first winch jam ever held and it was done at a mall here in manila.

enjoy the pics." Thread

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

UGP Giveaway at popShuv

UGP is having a "Gear Giveaway" on the wakeskating social community site

"UGP, underground products, will be giving away shoes, a pair of boardshorts, a backpack, a tshirt, a hoodie, socks and a hat starting this month! To enter our "Gear Giveaway" one must simply post a comment on our popShuv profile ( We will be selecting winners at random from those who leave a comment. One entry per person. "

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Kampus Architect $59.99

"The Architect Wakeskate is an excellent all around board. From rails to boxes, to "wake to wake" tricks behind the boat, the Architect delivers and handles all terrain. And with an extended flat spot and a progressive rocker, it gives the rider the ultimate board control.

These decks feature Cold Press Construction, which uses the highest grade Marine Grade Waterproof Glues to ensure the life and bond of the deck as well as increasing durability. The Scribble series decks are 9 Ply Horizontal laminated decks that are constructed from Maple and Bass woods with long grain and Cross grain lay-ups.These decks feature painted top and base with sub laminated base graphics that are Poly UV sealed to keep water out."

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Devotid Video Teaser

"a little teaser for our first upcoming video from devotid wakeskates.

this is my first time using a video editing software and i can say it wont be my last. i loved it.

this is from when oury and i hung out for a couple weeks ridding Michgan and Texas. not a ton of footy in this but let me know what you think.

ive got a bunch of great stuff still on three tapes im going through so look out for the whole length vid coming soon.

thanks for checking it out."

Devotid Wakeskates Thread

RLAND Trailer

"The purpose of this film is to showcase a sport in an area that has been a long time in the making. Over Sixty years ago Dick Pope Sr. moved to Central Florida and began Cypress Gardens on Lake Eloise. He landscaped beautiful gardens on the lake that would make a perfect backdrop for his water-ski show. Soon the pictures from Cypress Gardens appeared in newspapers, magazines, motion pictures, and television around the world. When the world saw these skiers with huge smiles on their face, waving, with beautiful gardens in the background, everything we have today began. Central Florida became the ski capital of the world and people relocated to be a part of the fun. Dick held ski tournaments that brought the best international riders into town and once here, many of them decided to stay and those who didn't, went home to tell of this Florida Mecca.

Sixty years and countless influences later, this area has become the wake capital of the world and home to the movement of wakeskating. This film offers a look into the most influential lakes and riders here in the sunshine state. Another generation, another piece of equipment, another way to have fun on the water, and another reason why this is RLAND."

RLAND Website

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


"Man hugs, short shorts, bronze bods and Andy Lazarus…Only at the N.A.R.L.A. video premier could you find all 4 of these items. Wait, I guess the first three could be found in other places that I would prefer not to visit, but Andy Lazarus usually doesn’t show up. Whatever the case, the N.A.R.L.A. premier was smashing. First off, you had to REALLY WANT TO SEE IT, so much that a trip to Miami wasn’t out of the question. Apart from the stars of the film, other celebrity appearances included: Chase Heavener, Matt Staker, Matt Manzarri, Josh Letchworth, Bo Burton, Bob Sichel, and Kyle Hyams. Keep in mind that this video has been 4 years in the making, so you can bet your ass it’s filled with some seriously skilled maneuvers performed by some of the most recognized athletes the sport of wakeskating has ever known.

In an effort to promote the event, DVS team Manager Jim Leatherman was spotted wearing some rather revealing shorts (displaying the NARLA logo of course!) at the Standard Resort in Miami’s South Beach. was able to get a quick snapshot of the new knickers just before being escorted by security. Other A-list celeb’s vacationing at the Standard that weekend included Myles Vickers, Danny Hampson, and Thomas Horrell!

An inside source tells that during the premiere on Saturday night (7/21/07) Aaron Reed was spotted whispering sweet nothings into fellow team rider Danny Hampson’s ear. In a post premiere press conference Reed’s publicist informed that “Aaron was simply congratulating Hampson on his outstanding video section…Reed was actually attending the event with none other than his longtime sweetheart Jami-Lane.”

In all, the event was stacked full of celebs and the world premiere of NARLA was awesome. As expected, the morning after the premiere everyone got kicked out of the Standard hotel by the owner himself, and we all went our separate ways. Pick up NARLA ASAP and TAKE BACK THE RIVER..."

Source: Alliance Wake

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Human Trailers Preview

"Alright wake bros, I'm just going to cut to the chase. Ivan from Red Bull New Zealand sent along a short preview to the upcoming wakeskate flick Human Trailers. The linked clip is really the opening credits to the video and all I can say is feel the vibes!!!"


Oakley Announces Wake Film “Push Process”

Build A Wakeskate From Scratch

"Lewis Nelson documented every step of his homemade wakeskate project. Read on to learn how it's done!!"

Mutiny Perseverance

Integrity's MySpace

Monday, July 16, 2007

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Brandon's Backyard Boogie

"The backyard boogie is going to be a all wakeskate contest held in Lake havasu City arizona, It will be 2 days long Day 1 will consist of all Boat riding.... We will be running 2 boats to try and move people through quickly.... Everyone is Gaurentted to ride two times on Saturday. We will then break it down into Head 2 head format..... Day 2 will be a winch contest on Jeff Engens Portable Pool system. We will have 2 hubba ledges coming off both ends..... Best trick with money going to top 5 people.... This contest will be judged by riders. ORIGINALITY IS STRESSED !!!! after all you are on the west coast..... Were working on getting some good sponsors and hopefully some descent money, ALL ENTRY FEES WILL GO 100% INTO THE PRIZE whatever we get from sposors. If you would like to register or are interested in sponsoring this even please contact brandon at More info will be added in the coming weeks... Thanks again for all your support, and we will be running a list on here so you can see who is coming."

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sequence of Thomas Horrell's First Kickflip from Boardumb

"Alexx, i think it was you who wanted to see it. And maybe top hat (forget the formalities, I'm dropping the Mr.!) came through with his tivoed edition. Whateves, bros...

Anyway, yeah, proper credit needs to be given to the old wakeboarding video titled "boardumb." If you aren't too cool to watch randy harris and scott byerly shred on the old wake techs, this video is a lot of fun to take was one of my personal favorites of the time. It made riding look fun, straight up. It, of course, has a legendary section from thomas that has a little bit of wakeboarding and a little bit more wakeskating. It's comprised mainly of wake to wake stuff--360 degree spin variations all hit up wake to wake. But there's some entertaining bomb drop attempts off of a boat house roof, a 3 shuv, and of course, the kickflip. Ahh, and in case you can't tell, it was all done on a cut down wakeboard (see sequence below).

If you're all about collecting everything or just checking it out, bad ass also put out a video called "fire it up" which also has thomas' kickflip in it (I reckon it's the same one from a different angle). I actually just watched the "wake skate" section and I'd highly recommend it to anyone that has a sincere interest in this stuff. You can kind of witness a style shift, as thomas and drew are hitting their stuff up with shoes and grip (oh, and drew was boosting hard!), and then byerly is still on his blunt that's kitted out with every bad ass accessory imaginable, including some sort of hook attachment. Randall and bruce clem rock out (barefooted) on the original "waterskate" with FWT traction pads as well. (FWT=hawt!) As a whole, there's a short section of wakeskating in that's mostly wakeboarding, but well worth it anyway (to me, at least).

This footage was captured using only the best editing tools known in the media industry. I hope you enjoy the quality. " Thread

Friday, June 29, 2007

Jeff Engen's Wakeskate Porta-Pool

"When Jeff Engen first sent me his “detailed plans” for a portable winch pool (see attached), my first reactions were: (a) Jeff can’t draw blueprints to save his life and (b) his ideas are lame. However, when I saw the pool in action, I realized that only one of those reactions was correct. Not since the winch have I been so stoked on an invention.

Basically, he has a 20-foot trailer that extends into a 40-foot portable winch pool. The trailer has got plates, reflectors and turn signals, so you can transport it anywhere – legally. He built the pool on a series of wheels and pullies so that it only takes three people to set up the entire pool. The pool has a regular trailer hitch, and is easy to transport when compacted. With a pump and two hoses, it can be filled and ready to ride within teo hours. Best of all, the thing barely leaks!

I've been to a bunch of winch comps that have taken days to set up. With Jeff's porta-pool you could drive across country doing demos with very little set-up time. The dope thing is that all your tools and stuff fit perfectly into the trailer along with your wood for building rails. Plans are also in the works for a portable landing pool so that Jeff can just back the trailer up to session city handrail spots.

This summer, expect to see Jeff riding spots that may have otherwise been impossible to hit. Jeff tells me that he already has three or four spots scoped out in California, some near/around the Grand Canyon, and some street handrails in downtown Lake Havasu City.

Jeff’s ingenuity has allowed him to find new ways to redefine his wakeskating. He’s got the skills that can help make his crazy ideas become a reality. If he just works a little harder on his drawing skills, then he’ll be set."

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Come Correct With Ryan Lemons

Learn a frontside big-spins with the Lemon so you can impress all the cougars on the boat. SHRED! ! !

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Integrity 2007 NEWS

"Hi everyone...
Well... Bad & GOOD news...

The Bad:
Our manufacturer is having problems again this year, as he is always tardy with delivery times among other things. So we are in transition with a new manufacturer, and new manufacturing process. This has forced us to go on hiatus for 2007 and not ship this year. I was lead to believe that product was being built/was built, and ready to ship soon... I was basically feed a line of BS for the past few months as they just kept stringing us along which seems to be "Par for the Course" in the action sports industry. I hate being lied to and made into something our company doesn't stand for!!! and feel completely embarrassed we could not get product out this year... I sincerely apologize to everyone who reserved decks. I have everyone who reserved on a list and they will be given a discount and or extra something... if you decide to purchase from us next year. I'm not ready to commit to what or how much at this point, but we will make it worth the while.

The GOOD News:
If you own a 2006 Nick Taylor Model it is worth keeping a hold of ! Since it was a very limited run. A collector item that has a great used re-sale value if you decide to sell it. I get daily e-mails of people ready to snatch one up... and it makes a handy cutting board for BBQ parties.
We are gearing up to do some really innovative things for our next release. (The D├Ždalus Project) new shapes... New materials... new pro models... specifically "Taylor-ed" pun intended to Nick's wants & needs ... and Ryan Lemons' demands. Both family members will be instrumental in our R&D phase to fine tuning. We are actually very happy this turn of events has transpired, because it will enable us to build better product, and supply it in a timely manner.

Once again Sorry...
and thanks for your continued support.

Much Respect,

Integrity Website Thread

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Time Served

Starring Andrew Fortenberry. Thread

Thursday, June 14, 2007

2007 Verge Synergy Bi-level

"After a long time of testing and design work, our new 07 bi-level is almost ready to go. Theres a lot of upgrades from last years model and an overall better ride.
Heres the new stuff and specs:

- New shape, slightly shorter mid width ( for better rotation flip tricks) and wider kicktails for more leverage off the water and better release on tricks. Also good for bigger shoes aka feet.

14.75" mid width
12" tip widths
40.5" length

- New ultra tough Dura-surf base for more durabilty on sliders and everday wear and tear. Also, bottom is totally smooth, no protruding hardware, or even countersunk hardware.
- Slightly lighter weight than last year at around 12 lbs
- Stainless oversized hardware
- .85" fins optional for more control on the water
- New graphics

Overall, this board is deffinitely our best yet.
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Verge Wakeskates Thread

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Toe Jam in Texas Coverage

"And on June 9th, a new Toe Jam champion was crowned. Call it a home court advantage, but there was no one else who even came close to Bret Little’s consistency and variety on the cable. He had flip tricks in the flat. He had shuvs on, and off of just about everything. He had style and grace on the giant wakeboard rails. And in the end, it was enough to defeat Brian Grubb in the head to head final."

Source: Alliance Wake

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Day One Results From The Rockstar Cable Jam

"30 of the best wakeskaters in the world threw down big-time today for the Rockstar Cable Jam, the second stop on the Byerly Toe Jam Wakeskate Tour, at the TSR cable park in New Braunfels, Texas.

Not much was expected out of the riding, due to high winds in the area, however it had little impact on the riders, with impressive runs in every heat. Some standouts were Nick Taylor’s backside 360 off the kicker, George Daniels’ boardslide kickflip off the incline rail, Drew Danielo’s huge shove indy over the Liquid Force transfer box, Brian Grubb’s deadly consistent riding, Bret Little’s high ollie to shove off the transfer box and Reed Hansen’s kickflip and varial flip.

Event producer Scott Byerly was amazed at the level of today’s riding and is looking forward to the upcoming two days of competition. “Everybody’s throwin’ down even though it’s windy. Hopefully it will calm down, but either way, these kids are ripping.” Byerly would like to thank the sponsors for their incredible support and excitement for the Toe Jam tour during its first nationwide tour. The Rockstar Cable Jam is made possible with the help of Rockstar Energy Drink, Nike 6.0, Billabong, Liquid Force, and the TSR.

Friday’s action starts at 11 a.m. with the top 16 riders competing in a bonus wake competition behind the MasterCraft X-Star at TSR’s private competition lake. Saturday will be the cable final. For more info, go to"

(Top two in each heat advance – 16 total)

Wakeskate (all levels)

Qualifying Round Heat #: 01

1 Doyle, Ryan CAN 73.33
2 Hair, Austin USA 56.67

3 Byerly, Scott USA 40.00
4 Watson, Reed USA 33.33

Qualifying Round Heat #: 02
1 Grubb, Brian USA 63.33
2 Hanson, David USA 60.00

3 Reed, Aaron USA 45.00
4 McGuckin, Drew USA 20.00

Qualifying Round Heat #: 03
1 Taylor, Nick USA 70.00
2 Balzer, James CAN 60.00

3 Gee, Collin USA 50.00
4 Hooker, Matt USA 40.00

Qualifying Round Heat #: 04
1 Danielo, Drew USA 70.00
2 Kaiser, Ben USA 66.67

3 Paulson, Gabe USA 43.33
4 Yarbrough, Ouri USA 26.67

Qualifying Round Heat #: 05
1 Daniels, George USA 76.67
2 Cambell, Steven USA 66.67

3 Gregory, Chase USA 56.67
4 Manzari, Matt USA 46.67

Qualifying Round Heat #: 06
1 Shinn, Stuart USA 80.00
2 Gardner, Ross USA 61.67

3 Tompkins, Clint USA 58.33
4 Collinge, Chris USA 40.00

Wakeskate (all levels)
Qualifying Round Heat #: 07

1 Pastura, Andy USA 73.33
2 Thomas, Brandon USA 70.00

3 Ruark, John USA 58.33

Wakeskate (all levels)
Qualifying Round Heat #: 08
1 Little, Bret USA 73.33
2 Hansen, Reed USA 71.67

3 Hyams, Kyle USA 56.67


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