Friday, November 23, 2007

Nike 6.0 in the Keys

"The Keys trip was the first real trip that Nike 6.0 wakeboarding and wakeskating team had ever done and the first team trip for many of the riders. This made things very interesting and exciting. Most of us started the trip off in Orlando in a big passenger van. All the guys were really stoked, once again most of them had never even been on a team trip let alone a 6.0 team trip. The team, Curtis Graham and I, were put up in an amazing house on the gulf side of the keys. This made a perfect home base for the next weeks events. Things started early every morning and ended late. The days were packed with some of the best riding I've ever seen, a lot of Tom foolery, and an all around good team experience. Nothing fell short on this trip except the weather for a couple of days. This video is a good representation of how it all went down."

- Silas Thurman

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