Sunday, December 2, 2007

INTEG (inside the core)

"Hi all...

Just thought I'd share a few shots to show the new "Centra-Fuse" core system. (These photos are just of the first steps in our manufacturing process) ...

A lot of time and thought has gone into to our weight system. The intention was to create a balanced board with the majority of the mass being centered within 3 axis. Thus creating a very responsive deck that would initiate easily and predictably flip on the Z-Axis and rotate evenly and smooth on the X-Y Axis. Keeping the weight in a narrow center line lets the wide-waist portion of the deck flip evenly not flop to the side. A traditional wakeskate has more mass on the outside, because more material is generally located there from the concave in the deck. The Flick of the foot and the extra weight on the outside makes a lopsided motion... drifting from the riders center-line, making an uneven unpredictable acceleration/rotation from the point of energy applied.

With the Centra-Fuse system the majority of the weight is in the narrow, but thick portion running thru the middle... As the ends flare out towards the tip and tail the weight lessens, but is spread out over a wider area helping with X-Y axis rotation. This tapered weight system also is key to our loaded rocker. The tapered design is pre-bent in the opposite direction of the rocker adding re-curve effect, increasing load response and ultimately snap. This system is encased in a Urethane bushing so the core can keep it's snap longer... the flex is absorbed by the bushing so the core doesn't fatigue from constantly being jarred and popped. When subjected to constant flex/heat/expansion/contraction all decks can lose their snap. The bushing help prevent core fatigue and sheering.

The stair steps you see on the core are lock tabs for the Urethane side wall... it snaps in like a puzzle piece and prevents the side wall from separating or tearing out when a extremely hard impact happens.

I'll keep posting more info on my My-Space as we start pressing this week. " - Erich Schmaltz

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