Thursday, June 21, 2007

Integrity 2007 NEWS

"Hi everyone...
Well... Bad & GOOD news...

The Bad:
Our manufacturer is having problems again this year, as he is always tardy with delivery times among other things. So we are in transition with a new manufacturer, and new manufacturing process. This has forced us to go on hiatus for 2007 and not ship this year. I was lead to believe that product was being built/was built, and ready to ship soon... I was basically feed a line of BS for the past few months as they just kept stringing us along which seems to be "Par for the Course" in the action sports industry. I hate being lied to and made into something our company doesn't stand for!!! and feel completely embarrassed we could not get product out this year... I sincerely apologize to everyone who reserved decks. I have everyone who reserved on a list and they will be given a discount and or extra something... if you decide to purchase from us next year. I'm not ready to commit to what or how much at this point, but we will make it worth the while.

The GOOD News:
If you own a 2006 Nick Taylor Model it is worth keeping a hold of ! Since it was a very limited run. A collector item that has a great used re-sale value if you decide to sell it. I get daily e-mails of people ready to snatch one up... and it makes a handy cutting board for BBQ parties.
We are gearing up to do some really innovative things for our next release. (The D├Ždalus Project) new shapes... New materials... new pro models... specifically "Taylor-ed" pun intended to Nick's wants & needs ... and Ryan Lemons' demands. Both family members will be instrumental in our R&D phase to fine tuning. We are actually very happy this turn of events has transpired, because it will enable us to build better product, and supply it in a timely manner.

Once again Sorry...
and thanks for your continued support.

Much Respect,

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